Dear A.S.S. Editor

Am publishing this to express my gratitude for your kind efforts in helping tell the story of my dead father who was killed by a speeding Comfort Taxi in Eunos on May last year. The driver was subsequently convicted and jailed a week, a story that was carried over by TNP in 17 Nov 2016.

But what got me really pissed off then and even now is the fact conglomerate Comfort DelGro had the audacity to send its lawyers, namely United Legal Alliance at first to try and pressure me into accepting only $10k for the death of my father as he was deemed old and in their opinion, did not have long to live anyway. This placing of monetary value on a precious human life (no matter how old or learned) is the single most atrocious and disgusting value our NTUC PAP leaders had ever introduced in their wretched political life!

The same occurred to a friend whose mother was the unfortunate victim in the Hep C negligent case of SGH. He accepted the $10k ‘compensation’ as he had no money to take on MOH and was afraid the case will end up like Dr Ting vs MINDEF where money is used and rubber stamped by the PAP appointed Judiciary to delay proceedings. SGH had told him that his mother who is a kidney patient, has a very low quality of life and is thus not worth much in the Ministry’s opinion.

I am currently only awaiting to see what sort of tactics Comfort DelGro will commence next to delay my family’s compensation as they had at that point of time, subtly threatened it will take a long contracted battle for me to obtain Justice should I decide to take the legal route and challenge them in Court as they have all the resources deployed to their advantage.

A. Goh

A.S.S. Contributor

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