52 year-old Madam Wendy Ng moved into her private property 4 years ago, staying next to a four-storey corner terraced house at Penaga Place in Sembawang.

However, she soon became restless and disturbed by the noise and large number of comings and goings by strangers in her neighbour’s unit.

Suspecting that her neighbor was renting out her home on Airbnb and Homeaway, she reported her neighbor to the URA. When the authorities tried to inspect her neighbor’s property, they fuond no one at home. Madam Ng also received a note from the owner of the property, who claimed that there were no short-term rentals there, and that all tenants had taken leases of at least six months. The owner also claimed that Madam Ng had been reported to the police for harassment.

Still, Madam Ng continued to notice many strangers staying at her neighbor’s home over the next few months. She decided to start a petition last Thursday, garnering 37 signatures in 2 days. She even employed a private investigator to take photographs and videos of her neighbor’s property by pretending to be a tenant at the house for a week.

With fresh evidence, the authorities led a raid on the house on 8 July 2016. They interviewed several tenants and discovered that several of them had rented stays from the owners through Airbnb.

2 Filipino tenants packed their bags and fled immediately after the raid had concluded.

The owner of the house at Penaga Place is Dione Schick, a New Zealand national who has been living in Singapore for 11 years, who also has a Singapore citizenship.

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