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According to a netizen on a popular local forum, a foreign director of a local IT firm was caught making racist remarks against Chinese Singaporeans on Facebook. The foreigner’s comment had been in response to a local news article about a traffic incident, but his insult drew fierce reactions from Singaporeans who threatened to lodge police reports against the man.

The netizen who reposted the foreigner’s insulting post and exposed his details online wrote: “Song bo? Even a bangladeshi FT is able to make racist comments about sinkie Chinese these days! Is this the kind of foreign talent Singapore desperately needs?”

His post drew even more reactions, not all of which were angry reactions against the foreigner who had made the remarks. There were some who agreed with the foreigner’s remarks and argued that statistically, Chinese Singaporeans were more likely to be poor drivers.

One netizen wrote: “As much as I can remember, all of my road bully experiences while driving in SG involved only Chinese drivers.”

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