In a statement released last Friday (17 February), Aljunied Hougang Town Council has announced that it would be appointing a 3 man panel of eminent persons to review the KPMG Past Payments Report, which was issued in October last year.

The WP-run town council stated that it disagreed with the perspective of the report and was taking this measure to safeguard AHTC interests.

Read the full statement here.

“AHTC has been studying KPMG’s Past Payments Report since it was issued on 31 Oct 2016. The contents of the report have been published fully by AHTC, and there has been wide media coverage of the same.

While AHTC’s key officials have a different perspective from the audit team on key aspects of the report, AHTC believes that it is in the interests of AHTC and its residents to appoint an independent panel to review the findings and take such action as deemed appropriate to safeguard AHTC’s interests.

In consultation with HDB, an Independent Panel of three eminent persons viz, Chairman, Mr Philip Jeyaretnam SC, and members Mr N Sreenivasan SC and Mr Ong Pang Thye (Managing Partner of KPMG LLP), has been appointed by AHTC, to act as agents of AHTC under Section 32(2) of the Town Councils Act. The Panel’s Terms of Reference are attached. The Panel will act independently, without remuneration, and without taking directions from AHTC, HDB or any other party.

AHTC has given its undertaking to support the work of the Independent Panel fully and as expeditiously as possible.


17 February 2017”

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