ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF PAP ARROGANCE! In quick succession! Soon after insulting the sensivities of a majority of Singaporeans with their SYONAN Debacle the PAP continues to insult us by hosting and honouring a WAR CRIMINAL in the next couple of days.

This murderer of men, women and children who hails from a country that has poisoned the minds of Singapore leaders to regard our neighbours, especially those up north, as our sworn enemies, is setting his foot on this blessed land of ours.

It is also due to this poison that Malays are being discriminated and our loyalty to this nation being questioned for the past 5 decades. It is also due to this that we have to allocate billions and billions of dollars of our hard earned money year after to face imaginary enemies.

When will the PAP come to their senses that they have been conned big time?

A criminal with such a murderous record should never ever be allowed to step into this sacred land and given red carpet treatment at that. The PAP is so arrogant and insensitive to the feelings of decent human beings, thinking that they are now all too powerful that they can continue to thumb their nose to whoever disagrees with them.

Actually we Singaporeans are all brothers, ready to defend and give our lives for the nation. It is the Israelis who have divided us by sowing distrust among us. The racist PAP swallowed the Israeli poison hook, line and sinker.

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