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This did not happen in Malaysia, it happened in Singapore!

Date: Thursday 16 February 2017
Time: 4.30 pm (see video taken)
Place: Hougang to Woodlands via bus 161

At Hougang interchange station Malay stall, my Father-in-law bought 4 Burgers, 6 curry puff, 1 nasi lemak and 1 pickled fruit.. There is a makcik and a lady wearing a cap selling many kuih kuih and ready wrapped burgers.. It is not the burger stall from the pasar malam or from Malaysia..

I want my child to eat.. I open the burger nk add cheese…

Standard laaa if buying food open n heat up.. you can’t eat right away so microwave to heat..??

And if you can look me in the caterpillar kid lama2?

Who says I’m fitna, publicity, etc.. Cheap

Who say I keep it long.. Hello if ye pounds I buy save long.. I keep it in the fridge..

Who say me multiple negative comments.. Boy Damn business people etc…

Save some for you guys.. no mase laaa looking for publicity reasons like.. Viral load to alert u all.. who rush to work, to school, buy the food.. Don’t buy open n jz ngaaaap..

Whatever it is .. i will go report to NEA …

Brave because right..!! no mase son envious like..

Don’t you guys don’t here in pe God.. Kat family guys…

FYI.. It’s been a while since I didn’t trade kebab ni.. so no mengene here..

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