54 year-old Anna Koh, alias Susie Koh, was sentenced to 5 months jail today after stealing cash totalling $79,136.30 from her then workplace at the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) at BLK 515, Jurong West Street 52. She was the principal of the center.

She began misappropriating the money in 2010. She had been entrusted with all the fees collected by the PCF center while she worked there. These included school, registration and outing fees. Pupils’ parents would pay the fees to their teachers, who would in turn hand the money to Koh.

Prosecution lawyers said: “She would deposit part of the sums that were collected from the parents and misappropriate the remainder. The accused spent the money on her personal and family expenses.”

Her offences came to light after an anonymous tip-off to the PCF on Oct 5, 2012.

An internal audit later conducted showed that Koh had received fees without banking them in and a police report was made three months later.

The court heard that she had made no restitution.

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