I refer to PAP’s choice of Mr Hri Kumar (1 of their own) as “Deputy A-G” wef 1 Mar 2017. The announcement which will pass PAP’s approved president Tony Tan should come as no surprise to seasoned politicians, like they will to political novices and the largely ignorant public.

The appointment is actually part of a larger, sinister plan talked about in coffee shops for a while and even at the recent open house of Dr Tan, to prosecute and fix the office holders of Aljunied-Hougang Town Council for CBT, in a bid to dent the credibility of the WP to win more seats at the next G.E. While Mr Low, Chen and Faisal should escape relatively unscathed, it will be interesting to see how Hougang will fare in the B.E. and how Mr Low intends to steer the WP forward without his loyal Chairman and Asst. Sec-Gen around. Will Firuz Khan succeed as the next Chair or Faisal instead and will Mr Low bury the hatchet with Chen and make him Asst. Sec-Gen is left to be seen.

While these are minor issues for the parties to sort out, the ramification for the political scene in Singapore will be great if Hougang and Aljunied fall to the PAP the next round. We are already witnessing the protruding horns of the PAP after G.E. 2015 with the tampering of the Constitution to suit their whims and fancies.

Do you the people meant for this to happen when you cast your votes for the LKY in 2015? In a post LKY era, S’pore is only doomed to failure as predicted by the late Venerable Hong Chuan back in 1985 which will cumulate with the death of the first spouse, Kua Geok Choo. We have since saw lightning struck the Merlion in the year of her death, a floating corpse to “greet” the opening of MBS and the recent collapse of a 2 centuries old tree that is the feature of a world heritage botanic gardens. All these are bad omens!

To save S’pore from such a sorrowful state, you the people, specifically the voters of East-Coast Fengshan, Holland Bt Timah and Bt Panjang, Marsiling-Yew Tee and Marine Parade McPherson must unite to resoundingly reject the PAP candidates in these areas to refine the Nation’s severe lack in checks and balances with the current lopsided Parliament and its gutter politics.

Anthony Wee S K
A.S.S. Contributor

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