39 year-old Lay Chee Leong was jailed 6½ years today after he was found guilty of stabbing a female PRC tenant in the neck and threatening to bomb his flat or fill it with liquid petroleum gas before igniting it.

The incident happened at a block in Yishun Street 22 on 23 October last year. Lay had taken a knife and stabbed himself repeatedly in the chest and neck at about 5.30PM that day, before kicking open the door to his tenants’ room, which was occupied by 3 PRC women.

He confiscated their phones and threatened to kill his three tenants, who were colleagues working at a local electronics factory, Ms Wang Aiyan, 27, Ms Li Hui, 35, and Ms Liu Weina, 20. Warning the tenants not to open the door for the police, Lay said he would detonate a bomb inside the flat or fill it with gas before igniting it.

While he forced the women to clean up his bloodstains on the floor, Lay stabbed Ms Wang in the neck as a warning to the other women. He said: “Don’t think I don’t dare to do it.”

The situation was defused when Lay’s 59 year-old uncle came and persuaded Lay to put away the knife. Lay was taken to hospital with superficial stab wounds on his neck and chest, while Ms Wang suffered a life-threatening 1.5CM stab wound on the left side of her neck. She received 3 months of medical leave.

Lay is a hardened criminal who has in the past received over 50 strokes of the cane for previous offences, including robbery with hurt and unlicensed moneylending. He could have faced up jail for life or 15 years jail, a fine and caning for causing grievous hurt with a deadly weapon.

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