Dear A.S.S. Editor

Valentine’s Day has passed, possibly we will not see couples holding bouquets of roses for another year. After all, most couples only decide to give roses during the most marketable of days, the Valentine’s Day, right? The day when florists see their business flourished like never before.

Having said that, is it no wonder that because of the higher demand of flowers from just about everyone, there would be some florists unable to meet the higher demand. So, no surprises then that two florists made the news for being unable to meet the demands. What is more surprising is that the customers affected getting angry and demanding compensation. while they have every right to be angry and demand compensation, they should have also realised that in the very day where flowers are in high demand there is a high possibility this could happen.

Both sides are to be blamed here. The florists, for not being well prepared for the biggest day in their business life, and the customers, for expecting Valentine’s Day will go without a hitch, when everyone in Singapore seems to be buying flowers.

Maybe next time, skip this Valentine’s Day money making marketing gimmick, and treat your loved ones as a Valentine 365 days a year?

Isaac H

A.S.S. Contributor

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