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A Bangladeshi technician was today sentenced to four weeks jail and banned for driving for five years for negligently causing the death of a motorcyclist. The Bangladeshi was making a right turn in his company van on an unsignalized road, but failed to come to a complete stop and ended up knocking down the motorcycle who had the right of way coming from the opposite direction.

The motorcyclist suffered extensive brain and spinal cord injuries, and died three days later. The Bangladeshi had been working in Singapore for 10 years. Which brings to mind this question. If you come form a foreign country and have a driving licence, is it just enough to convert this driving licence into a Singapore one? Shouldn’t they be put through the same process as for those who are trying to get their driving licences in Singapore? This is to ensure that they know the traffic rules in Singapore, and how people drive and manage road situations here in Singapore.

But what about those short term tourists driver? Tourists who come here for a short visit, but also insist of renting a car and driving themselves, as they have driving licences in their own country. Then, can these people be allowed to drive? Will they understand Singapore’s road sense and rules?

Charlie W

A.S.S. Contributor

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