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Recently there has been a lot of talk about Yishun being a lawless and gangster town. I am very inclined to agree, but I also know there are plenty of good people staying there, my friends and some relatives included.

But online labels are just labels, they usually don’t mean anything and people will just laugh and forget about it… until some airhead MP decides to try and give herself some publicity by commenting on it.

MP Lee Bee Wah just posted this rant on her Facebook page. Read for yourself and tell me why did 70% of Singaporeans elect a party made up of these idiots.

“The Straits Times asked me about the perception that Yishun is full of weird people or crime.

I told them that it’s not true at all. People are cherry-picking incidents to fit the myth, including some that were not in Yishun or done by Yishunites, but victimised innocent Yishunites.

The people who are spreading this around probably think that it’s funny. But they might not know that their “shares” are affecting real people.

– Firstly, some residents have been telling me they are upset about it. Some have been the target of insensitive jokes because of this. Some did not read deep enough to realise it’s not true, and feel scared.

– Second, it will affect the morale of the hardworking police and other community partners in Yishun. If you work hard every day to make somewhere a peaceful home, but only the negative incidents get blown up, you would be a little discouraged too.

– Third, the myth often goes with words like “crazy”. This is unfair and distressing to the people in the incidents.

Actual Yishunites know that this is a peaceful place to live, like any other in Singapore.

Lee Bee Wah”

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