A 40 year-old Singaporean business development manager, Moh Yan Chung, paid for sex with a young model when she was just 15, and stalked her for years before he was finally caught and charged in May 2016. He was sentenced to 22 months in jail for each charge of paying for sex with a minor.

The man’s illicit relationship with the underage girl began in 2011 when he met with the teenager, who was in need of money and was lured by easy money in return for sexual services.

After this first encounter, Moh continued to pay her for services, making extraordinary efforts to conceal his exploitation of the girl by sneaking her into hotels or to flats when nobody was around.

Once, he invited a friend to join him in a threesome with the girl at a rental flat in Queensway. Both men each paid her $150 for the encounter.

Whenever the girl got into a serious relationship, she tried to end her contact with Moh. However, Moh would not allow her to rebuild her life and threatened to expose her to her boyfriend and friends. He warned that he would “bring her along” if she tried to destroy him.

After suffering the harassment for years, the victim, who is now 21, made a police report on 17 March 2014.

Moh, who is married with a two-year-old child, could be jailed for up to seven years and/or fined on each charge of paid sex with a person under 18 years old.

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