A video of a large bully kicking and beating up another student in ITE College East has gone viral among Singaporean netizens. The video was posted by Ms Soniya Raj at 9.05AM today.

In the video, a larger student dressed in black was seen hammering another Indian student, who was dressed in white. Although the victim does not retaliate and cowers with his hands around his head and body to protect himself, the bully does not stop and continues his punishing blows.

There appear to be others in the toilet watching and laughing at the bullying.

ITE College East has confirmed that a violent bullying incident took place in one of its toilets last Wednesday (8 February).

ITE College East says that the student in the video has been suspended and that the school will cooperate with police investigations.

“The assailant has been suspended,” said the school’s principal Dr Yek Tiew Ming. “The victim has consulted a doctor, and we are rendering our assistance to him.”

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