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For years, the PAP government has been implementing anti-Singaporean, pro-foreigner, and pro-foreign company policies. Telling us that this is the ‘pragmatic’ thing to do, and how if we don’t bend over backward to serve foreign companies and “foreign talents”, we will be out competed and go bankrupt.

But even after all of that, the economy is in the dumps, infrastructure is failing, and Singapore in general is in decline.

By trying so hard to appease outsiders, they have neglected the Singaporean core and allowed it to rot. And now the results are beginning to show.

Also even if Singapore is willing to be pro-globalization, that move will not be successful unless the rest of the globe is pro-globalization too. But most of the developed world is turning its back on globalization now, one strong example would be the election of Trump, resulting in him putting an end to the TPP.

What is Singapore going to do now, when all other countries are looking inward and adapting a more nationalistic mindset? The PAP has not built a system that can adapt to changes. Will the PAP ever admit that they were wrong about globalization?

PAP Has Failed Singapore
A.S.S. Contributor

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