Dear ASS Editors,

Lodging police report against Comfort delgro taxi driver SHA4582K.

Both of us were riding bike at SLE around 12 midnight on 15 feb, we were riding at the speed cam so speed limit was 85-90 km/hr, but this driver tailgated me pushing me to change lane, whereas u could overtake at the 1st lane. He chose to highbeam me and accelerate drive side by side in a single lane on 2nd lane.

Purposely finding fault with us bcos he saw us talking (the road wasnt packed with vehicles; he could just change lane since he is the one in hurry). Asked the driver to stop when he stop at traffic light, but he just moved off without giving any consideration to our safety of riders. There’s a camera on his taxi.

He abrupt lane change and swerving in our lane, purposely jamming on his breaks. followed him all the way till Comfort Delgro. He doesnt want to co-operate, luckily there is no injuries. Any witness with footage of the incident, please PM me.

Thank you & much appreciated. Reason why we bring this matter up: there’s too many accidents between a cab driver and us riders. BE CONSIDERATE OF OUR LIVES TOO PLEASE!!


AnaZulk HasifAziz
A.S.S. Contributor

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