i am thinking of invalidating my vote when it comes, to indicate my frustration and protest against this stupid constitution.

it got me into thinking… what if there are many more ppl like me also invalidating their votes at the polling station? sekali the number of invalid votes counted is more than 50%, wouldn’t this be a clear message to the stupid pap govt that their constitution change is really bullshit and the people are not happy?

i’m thinking that a.s.s. would be a good platform to spread this idea on the
social media, garnering ppl to invalidate their votes as a protest. imagine
the returning officer announcing the numbers on the national tv live, with
the number of invalid votes far greater than the number the candidates would
win. sure bring the pap govt to embarrassment even though one of the
candidates would still become the elected president.

ah bee
A.S.S. Contributor

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