A reader shared this post with us.

According to the reader, he discovered and exposed a dog meat seller who has been hunting for dogs and cats at Tuas so that he can sell their meat to his customers at Geylang.

After being exposed, the gangster decided to threaten the netizen who exposed them and blamed them for spoiling their profits this year. They even demanded 80K from the netizen or else they would deal with him.

Read his account here.

“Dear #ava
I have concrete evidence that the dog meat seller from Geylang (photo below) has been hunting dogs and cats at Tuas. Feel free to contact me for screenshots of the seller and myself.
Seller claims that Lim Suu Swen and myself have foiled their profits last year and demand SGD 80K from us or we are dead meat.( No pun intended.)
Feeders around the area please keep a lookout for your dogs and cats.
Thank you.

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