Dear A.S.S editor,

just few days ago, I went to an atm at the Ci Yuan CC to withdraw some money. While there, I noticed a foreigner from the Philippines with her helper was at the at atm machine and there was a queue behind. She did not insert her card and was not even using the machine. She was looking at what seemed like a flyer from POSB.

After a few mins, I approached the lady to ask if she was going to use the atm. She stared back at me with a snobbish attitude and said yes I am using. I said ok and then went back to join the queue.

After some time during which she inserted her card and took it out a few times she was done using the atm. (Obviously she didn’t know how to use the atm) \

She approached me and said “Why? Did I look like I was playing infront of the atm?” I got irritated by her remark and explained to her that it’s seemed like she was just hogging the atm and that is why I asked.

She said she was reading the instructions and that it was her right to do that no matter how long it took!

I politely told her that she could move aside and let the others use the atm first and then come back when she is clear with the instructions.

She said no why should I do that? It’s my right!

She even went on to say that she didn’t care if the queue was long.

Is this how foreigners should behave in our country? Is this what the government told them when they came here? That it is their right to take as much time as they want to read instructions while at the atm and everyone else will have wait for them??? Even another local couple behind me couldn’t stand her nonsense and told her it’s enough.

Upset Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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