I would like to share my experience with Sparkletots Childcare at Tech Whye BLK 19 for any parents who may be considering a childcare centre in the area.
I have withdrawn my 18 month old son just a week after having first enrolled him with them. In this week alone, we found several bruises on my son’s forehead, back and legs. I did not think much of it at the start but grew concerned as he came back with a new bruise each day.

There was no mention of this by any of the teachers or principal. When picking him up from school each day they would tell me he was good and active. As my son started to lose weight we asked if he had been eating well during the day they told me not to worry, that they always make the children finish their meals even if my child could not yet eat on his own or speak. Yet toward the end of the week they changed their tune and said that he would simply take a spoonful or two of his food and then run off to play, that they had too many children to take care of and cannot focus too much time on each child.

I was worried and decided to stay behind on a particular day to try and get a look for myself. I was shocked. I saw my son, held by his ankles by the teacher, was struggling as he was pressed down by the teacher’s elbow on his back. I knew how his bruises had come about. When the teacher saw me outside looking in she immediately let him go and passed my son to another teacher. I was furious and went in to see the principal.

After insisting on reviewing the CCTV the principal confirmed the incident, apologized, promised to take action ans assure me that teacher will not be handling my son. Naturally I criticized the teacher for her mishandling of my child when she came and apologized the next day. The next day, i found another bruise on my son’s stomach and i withdrew him from the Childcare.

Dear parents please take care in considering the type of care for your child. I hope you do not exprience what I have but I worry that this might be happening to other children who are not yet able to communicate well. Sorry for the long post.

Update: The complainant has since made a police report on the matter.

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