Dear Friends,

A little child called Maria is desperately reaching out for our help. She’s from a small village in Indonesia and was orphaned at a very tender age 6 months ago (she’s only 10 years old)! Her FUTURE and only HOPE depends on us to raise enough funds for her to get proper medical treatment for the “lump” at the side of her neck. Maria constantly complains of fever and pain to her family but there was little they could do as they have limited funds. Her family consists of an aunt who is the sole bread winner in the family.

Doctors suspected that it is CANCER. However, Little Maria’s family does not have the finances required to go for proper medical checkup and treatment. Please show your LOVE and SUPPORT for Little Maria as she goes through this difficult and challenging journey in her life! Your love, support and contribution means the WORLD to her! Life is Precious!

Her aunt works for a family in the village and earns SGD$2.00 a day (SGD$60.00 a month). They rent a small room for a family of five people – her grandparents, her aunt and a cousin. The room costs them about SGD$100.00 a month. Even when broken down, her aunt’s monthly income is even less and cannot buy the family meals and meet any extra expenses.

Her grandmother had a stroke in 2015 and they have exhausted their savings and resorted to taking a loan from a bank (in 2016) in order to raise funds for her medical expenses and treatment. In the process her aunt could not repay the interest and installment and consequently their family home was taken over by the bank in January 2017.

Let’s put our hands together and help Little Maria get the medical assistance she needs. Despite all these challenges, I aim to raise SGD$25,000 to assist the family. The funds collected will be given to Little Maria & her family for the following:-

· Little Maria needs an urgent medical care for her suspected cancer. The quicker we raise the money, the better are her chances of treatment.
· Her grandmother needs some finances for her regular medical checkups and medication for her stroke.
· Their house is under the bank’s management. Getting her a home she calls her own will boost her family’s living conditions.

Let us all chip in and show our LOVE and SUPPORT for Little Maria so she can have a BRIGHTER & BETTER TOMORROW! You can support her by going to this URL link:- or

You can also support her by sharing her story and misfortunes with your friends and colleagues. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Lim
Hp 9669-1753

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