Dear A.S.S. Editor

I applaud to LTA’s move to operate the ERP along amount Pleasant entrance to PIE (Changi) and also on PIE (Changi) after Lornie Road during the evening peak hours. This is a great move because traffic there is terrible between 5pm to 8pm where there are so many vehicles heading east back home, we should make private car ownership less affordable so that more people can ditch the idea of owning a car, otherwise roads will be like in the Philippines, havoc!

However, I find that the ERP rates for this two gantries are too cheap already, $1 to $2 for cars is nothing. I will suggest to the LTA to make the ERP rates for these two gantries to charge between $4 – $6 for private cars, $8 to $15 for heavy vehicles. Taxis to be charged $3 flat. This is because, if you don’t charge motorist more, the car population here will never reduce.

And also, to prevent cheapskate and stingy motorists from avoiding the ERP, there should be one full day operational ERP gantry built right outside Lornie Road exit, this ERP must be built to operate between 7am to 10pm as the PIE Lornie Exit is always congested badly.

I will write in to the LTA regarding this to ensure that the lovely Singapore goes into Car Lite and we are too small to accommodate so many private cars.


A.S.S. Contributor

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