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Today’s news reports indicated that yet another tree has fallen, and a woman is seriously injured after the tree fell on her. This time, the tree that fell was at a carpark at Yuan Ching Road, and the tree appeared to have fallen on to the open passenger door of a lorry.

The carpark is located at block of student apartments, and it was understood that the woman was visiting one of the tenants. She is understood to be Ms Cher Hwee Hwang, 48. No further details of her injury were given, although it was understood that she was transferred to the ICU for treatment, and her condition was reportedly stable. Yet another case of tree falling on unsuspecting people. Brings the question on whether all the trees we have on our roads, carparks and even the Botanic Gardens are really safe anymore.

Bear in mind that these trees could have been there for ages. So what have the authorities been doing? Are regular checks done? The safety of road users should be paramount, trees should be checked to make sure they don’t fall unexpectedly.

Alvin Ooi

A.S.S. Contributor

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