Pls SHARE for me this post everyone for safety and justice.

I will be tearing for every post shared out . The 30 years old pain no one will understand .

I chose to be a strong surviour than a victim of crime.

I believe in almighty god.

Dear public.

I have no more fear and i have reported to police . This man is a Pedophilia. He is a child sexual abuser criminal at large.

His last know address to me is 36 Jalan remis .

I m the victim ,wen I was 12 -14 years old, that is the peak time of sexual abuse years I suffered. Back than he was 22 years old, i was 12 years old . He was a family trusted friend who commited peneration of oral sex both ways and sexual offences equal to punishment of rape onto me. I was 12 years old than and the sexual abuses i suffered over the period done by him, easily amount up to 100 times at many locations.

More than 100 times I m abused, i was totally wasted and destroyed physically and mentality for his sexual pleasure over the mention 3-4 years period ,being a 12 years old child.

My parents entrusted me to him to be my godfather and he agreed to be my education and religious studies teacher and mentor .

The active crime year is 1986 and it lasted 3-4 years for him to totally disappeared from my life.

Approximately 30 years later I chance upon his location and I. d on a property website.

I struggle the pain till now 2017 . Almost 30 years has pass for so many trusted insitution, parents or organisation inculding hotline’s action is not helpful to my constant reporting.

A godfather of a church to me in year 1986 ,

knowing he is a law student at that point of time yet he know how to use the law on his side.

I felt emotionally trap by him to not report to my parents and police on what he did to me. He constantly warn me and made me believe that my parents will not believe me .

He threaten me that if one day I ever make it known to public, I might be despise by society and never get a good job or look down by my own family and friends .

Even if man don’t give me a justice ,I believe judgement day god will give me my justice.

I suffered 30 years of flash back , Posttraumatic stress disorder pain and my life is totally destroyed.

I dare to stand in the Justice court of singapore to bring forward all the details I have for full investigation.

He is a serial Pedophilia sex pervert.

Many of holy family church choir members of 1986 would know him and me . We were members of the choir at church.

Justice gave him an advantages of life while I suffered a destroyed life.

There will be those who feels my post is not the right approach and also people who encourage victims to come forward.

Either way suffering this much in life , my sufferings are not compare to anothers.

It’s my life and my pain either way it’s my choice .

If I remain quiet another victim gets hurt I will also get blame for keeping the truth.

If I come forward people will also say why I m doing it this way and wrong.

Till it hits a person own family member, to come forward or hide the truth both are also a choice between two hard rocks and will be judge as well by people anyway.

Dont ask me for details why and how it took so long , I derserve my privacy for myself the journey I travelled for offical purposes .

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