Dear A.S.S. Editor

It takes a tragedy to get some things moving. Unfortunately, that is the sad fact of life, and unfortuntely, a tragedy happened at the Botanic Gardens over the weekend that makes the relevant authorities to sit up and take notice.

The death of a woman from a fallen Tembusu tree highlighted the fact that Botanic Gardens specifically, and Singapore generally, have lots of very old trees in existence. While experts have so far said that it is unusual for a tree to be assesed as recently as the one that fell, to actually fall without warning, it can happen.

A life had been lost in unfortunate circumstances, how sure are we that the very old trees by our roadsides are also safe? Can the authorities be certain that these trees will not be a hazard to road users? While we wait for investigations to be completed over the Botanic Gardens tragedy, let’s hope the authorities do not neglect the issue of safety of old trees found by the roadside and in open-air carparks.

Poh K K

A.S.S. Contributor

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