A Grab Car user, Serene Tan had accused Grab Car driver, Ruzaini of inflating the trip charge and not returning the iPhone that her friend had left behind.

The driver on the other hand, offered his view of the story.

An economy Grab Car that could sit 4 persons was booked but the group turned up with 8 people. There was no way he could take them all. He had waited 7 minutes for them to board the taxi. After Ruzaini began to drive, the passengers decided to change their destination. Driver told them that there will be a surcharge for changing the destination. One of the passengers shouted “MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE”.

Subsequently, the same passenger who shouted vomited in the car.

When Grab contacted the driver, he did not see the iPhone that was left behind. It was only when he had to clean the car of vomit that he found the iPhone. As the Grab office was closed, he promptly brought the iPhone to the police station.

Serene has since apologised.

“Our sincere apologies for causing the driver distress. The $41 fare was accepted after the passengers admitted to having dirtied the car and were also dropped off at several different destinations. My friend also admitted to having agreed to the additional surcharge.”

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