Dear Editor

With the MRT disruption today, everybody were panicking and kicking a big fuss here and there but me and some of my friends were calm in finding ways to commute to work, having worked in Singapore for 10 years. There are tricks to overcome the surge by grab and uber in the event of train breakdown and you have to be smart to think of it.

This morning, the fare for uber and grab from Woodlands to City is around $55 and $65 respectively for a 4 seater economy car, so what I did was I quickly asked around for 12 more affected passengers who are heading to the same destination or within walking distance from a common drop off point and booked grab 13 seater, gosh, it’s only $65 and each of us only chip in $5 for the ride! Isn’t that very efficient? Another way is that grab 6 seater premium is at $55 nett with no surge,so why not these Singaporeans just stop to think and ask around for people going to the same location to share the ride? It’s good for all!

My friend on the other hand, started to book Grabhitch and RYDE and also ask passing cars to hitch a ride, and we all get to work on time while silly Singaporeans were there contemplating on what to do next, some even took MC! Now if they can’t stop to think for a second to find solution to such problems, they will blame others for that and also if they continue to be like this, I can guarantee, within 5 years, Singaporeans are going to be unemployed.


A.S.S. Contributor

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