Lately, my nudes on Snapchat has been circling around Tumblr and I would like to take some time to address this issue.

First of all, the nude I snapped was taken 2 years ago and I have no idea how it made its way to Tumblr. With that being said I understand that having my nudes online is definitely a negative reflection of myself as a person but really, though – Have you seen my Instagram?! Err yeah I think you get the point. Lesbian kisses and dildos on my head- c’mon.

Secondly, the photo looked GREAT Like hell yeah my dark tits look awesome in that picture so why the stir? It’s my body and there’s no reason for me to be ASHAMED about it. True enough I am pretty embarrassed to have it all across the net (and my parents are probably too) but I would never deny that it wasn’t me. Never.

I have a huge-ass scar across my tummy and it has always made me super self-conscious but yknow what? If I don’t love myself- there ain’t gonna be a person who can. Bitch, Slut, Whore, Cunt – Surely there must be more important things for me to worry about than the slightest nip slip. No? Why do female nudes always have to look downtrodden? Is it because artists of the past could only find prostitutes to take their kit off?

Honestly speaking, I’ve been shooting implied photography for years now and the thought of showing tits and ass just doesn’t bother me anymore. Along the line of this entire incident, I would like to thank all the people who have informed and reported the post, however, my dirty actions can never be washed away and I believe that the only way for me to overcome this is through embracing it. I know it’s crazy to publish and inform everyone about my heinous crime but it’s way tougher to carry&cover that blame for the rest of my life.

Please do take some time to check that photo out cause I actually really like it a lot (contemplating to set as my lock screen) haha.

PS: Can’t wait to read all the comments. I do not have the slightest care for the nudes, it’s all part and parcel of who I am as a person and I wouldn’t let any of this affecting me.

With Love,
Luna the slut

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