Good evening every one. My dear friends, please help to share this on Facebook. I hereby seek to appeal to all out here on Facebook for a great help. My sister was involved in a road accident on 10 Feb 2017, between 0800-0900 hrs while crossing the road at the T-junction of Clementi Road and Clementi Ave 2 (see screenshot of map attached).

If anyone has the in-car video recordings of the accident please contact me at 97633497 immediately. If I do not pick up your call, you can sms or whatsapp me. Your help will really be sincerely appreciated.

Car involved: SJG2980C
Est time accident occurred: 0800-0900 hrs
Date of accident: 10 Feb 17
Accident location: T-junction of Clementi road and Clementi road

Requesting: in-car video recordings and eye witnesses

When she was hit by the driver, I would want to find out what actually caused her to have 5-6 stitches on the left side of her forehead. I looked at my sister and she has a big obvious blue black on the left side of her face as well. Driver claimed that she was only hit by the side mirror when he was negotiating a right turn. Driver and passenger (his son who’s studying at Singapore Polytechnic and he was driving him to SP as he has an examination) rendered assistance.

However, from the verbal accounts, police report, physical injuries and the assessment of the A&E doctor at Gleneagles hospital (he said that being hit by just the side mirror and inflicting such injuries is just nonsense, he didn’t believe the driver); I want to find out the truth.

My sister is a nice person with a big heart. She doesn’t like to bring unnecessary hindrance to others. But as her brother, I just need the full story.

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