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When people would like to commute peacefully using transport services like bus or train, but sometimes we encounter very unwanted, awkward, unpleasant journey due to some commuter’s behaviour.

I boarded the train from east towards central, morning 8.40am. My usual concept of commute inside in a train is to move to the center of the car or stand near opposite exit door. Today I was at center of the car standing close to the seats and giving space to left and right, so that people who are boarding or standing near to me can stand and commute close where I was standing. Generally more people board on the train at Tanah Merah, Bedok, Eunos or Paya Lebar MRT.

This lady boarded the train at Eunos. It was not even so crowded, but she boarded through the door where it looked crowded. Then skipping people she came to stand near me on my left. On my left there was already a lady standing, giving some space, but this lady wanted to squeeze in. Ok fine, you can squeeze into the space, but she was spreading her legs, swinging her bag, trying turn left right for next one to two stops. She even tried to step on my feet!

No choice but still i had to move to my right a little bit to give her chance to stand even if on my right people are already standing. Finally at Aljunied, one lady alighted who was sitting in front of me, then this lady swings her bag and sits on that seat. Then she mumbles “Stupid” looking at me.

Then I said “Hello, do you know that I am already standing in the middle.” She said “Shutup”. I was like “WTF, she is saying…” I said, “Just behave, you should know where and how to stand in the train” Again She said “Shutup”. I was about to give her lecture for her behaviour, but my stop arrived, so I did not want to make her or my or every commuter’s morning journey unpleasant. Lucky she did not encounter other kind of commuters, who could have made her nightmares during day time.

If you know this lady, or if you are her friend, or her relatives, or her brother or her sister or her son or her husband, just let her know that she should be knowing where, how to commute and behave. Next time she should board less crowded train. Next time i spot her again, I would like to give her proper lecture “How to board and behave while commute”.

Mr Train Commuter

A.S.S. Contributor

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