Please help a fellow singaporean out and identify this ang moh. I believe he works in Tanjong Pagar area.

On the 07/02/2017 @ Tanjong Pagar MRT, I met up with a Carousell user by the username, “mr.pc”. I bought a Sennheiser IE8 earphone from him at the price of $200. I tested the product, at first it sounded “ok”, i did not suspect it’s authenticity as he was showing me his customised earphone and he seems to be a legit audiophile, i let my guard down. I told mr.pc that i am actually currently using a Sennheiser IE8 too but it was damaged that’s the reason why i am getting another one from him. He then asked if he could have a look at my earphone and he said that there is a slight difference in the feel and told me that maybe mine was old, i then paid and he left. After mr.pc left, i plugged in the earphone that i just bought, and it sounded terrible. I couldn’t hear the bass and drums. I then took out my original earphone (damaged ones) and compared and realised that there’s a slight difference in the logo and the soldering on the earphone that i just bought were terrible, that explains the poor sound quality.

I immediately texted him and said i’m still at the station and asked for a refund or i will make a police report. He replied me that he don’t buy fakes as he’s a true audiophile, he bought them for 150GBP from Richer Sounds in his hometown, Leicester. He tried to buy sometime by telling me that the sound is not fully broken in and suggested that i test it for another week or 2. I said i got it checked and its a fake (**i lied as i didn’t want to make a big fuss & just wanted my refund) and he said how can it be when i’m still at the station and got the earphone checked at the same time.

He then accused me of swapping the earphone and will be giving him the bad pair instead as i’ve tested it before he left. I then told him that if he’s not going to refund me i will report the matter to the police. And mr.pc dared me to do so and told me that we will sort it out at the police station. The next day i went to Sennheiser Service centre and they issued me a letter stating that the earphone i bought was a fake and confiscated the earphone. I then messaged him and asked for a refund again but there was no reply. I’ve already filed a police report against him for cheating. Please help me out and identify him. $200 might not be a lot to many of you but it means a world to me as i can pay for my pet’s medical bills. Please help me out fellow singaporeans! Your help is much appreciated, Thank you!

here is how you differenciate fake and real IE 8”]

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