According to a cat welfare Facebook group Yishun 326 Tabby Cat, 2 more cats have been found murdered: one with its throat slit and the other with its upper body left mangled and blood soaked.

The badly mangled cat was found lying in the middle of a park road behind Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

According to Ms Veron Lau, a committee member of the Cat Welfare Society, there were no slit marks on this cat. Some have suspected that the cat was hit by a car, but the location of the cat in the middle of the park makes this reasoning suspect.

The other case involves a cat, which was found near Yishun MRT station with its throat slit. Those who found it could not determine when the cat died.

AVA confirmed that it has received reports on the cat deaths and has collected the carcasses of both cats for investigations.

The deaths follow a short lived lull in the number of cat abuse cases in Yishun, following the charging of 41 year-old Lee Wai Leong in court in December 2015. Lee had flung a cat over the parapet of the public housing block where he lived.

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