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Pardon my English as I do not have a good fluency in my English.

The HDB must seriously consider individual case carefully and seriously. I want to give this scenario and see what will the HDB considerations. If a couple has a matrimonial issue and resulting in a ugly divorce which no couple would wish to end up with. But sometimes it just could not be avoided. It’s very personal and only the couple themselves knew the whole truth.

This is a case that I wish to know what HDB will take its actions…..

A couple age 55 years old has bought a short term lease 2 room flat (45 years lease) . The owner is the husband and the essential member is the wife. Along the way they divorced before the 5 years regulations of maintaining the essential member of the flat which the owner has signed during the purchase of the flat.

Should the HDB repossess the flat or should the owner of the flat maintained its lease? Assuming that his wife has gone to her son’s place or her brother’s house to stay. Or the HDB will repossess the flat?

Tommy Choo

A.S.S. Contributor

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