In a reply to several netizens on its Facebook page, the SPF said that it is “looking into” the molest case involving two Portuguese tourists outside Mouth Restaurant at Cross Street and allegations of indifference by NPP towards the victims when the latter went to make a police report.

The outrageous incident was highlighted by Amanda Lai, a friend of the two victims yesterday. According to Amanda, her two lady friends were accosted by the two Portuguese after using the restroom outside the Restaurant. One of her friends off was forcibly carried off from the floor and molested after rejecting the molesters’ request to show them her boobs.

To run salt into the wound, when the two friends went to lodge a Police Report, they were asked by the police officer if they were sure they wanted to proceed as it would mean having to testify in court.

The incident has sparked outrage among S’poreans with many asking SPF what actions it would be taking against the molesters and the police officer. In its reply to these netizens who shared Amanda’s post on its Facebook page, SPF said it was looking into the matter.

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