After enduring the sounds of heavy industrial noise pollution measuring as high as 104.5 decibels for 9 months, a 46 year-old provision store owner finally gave in and fainted when one of the loud noises startled him badly.

According to a witness, the problem had started when a metal works company moved into the Yishun industrial area where the provision store was located. Initially, the metal works company did not cause so much disturbance. However, since September 2016, the noise pollution from their work became more and more serious.

The noise was so loud, tenants of the industrial units nearby found it uncomfortable to even be in the area. The witness himself developed giddy spells and some problems with hearing shortly after the noise pollution started.

The victim would spend five to six hours at the store everyday, the witness claimed. Being unable to bear with the noise pollution anymore, the man had approached the owner of the factory, only to be ignored. He contacted the authorities, only to be left without help when the government agencies did not do anything.

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