Peh Boon Keng, 53, was sentenced to 7 months jail today after he pleaded guilty to splashing a cleaning solution containing hydrochloric acid on the face of his 20 year-old son, which caused painful chemical burns on his face, eye and lips.

Peh, who is estranged from his family, was at the family home in Yishun Ring Road on 21 August last year to discuss some matters with his ex-wife.

While there, he went to the kitchen, poured a cup of cleaning solution he took from Khatib Camp where he used to work as a cleaner, and took it to his son, Jacob’s, bedroom where he splashed it on the victim’s face. He then walked out of the bedroom and left.

Peh’s ex-wife and daughter found Jacob in the bedroom suffering from burns on his face. His face had turned red, and he was drooling uncontrollably. A strong burning smell made it difficult for all of them to breathe. They helped Jacob wash away the chemical from his face and opened the windows in the bedroom.

The victim was taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and was discharged 2 days later. He has recovered from his injuries.

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