Dear Editors,

I saw your video of an ang moh man protecting a starhub staff who was viciously abused by a super angry customer. the irate man spit at her and scold vulgarities at her but the ang moh man (named Justin) acted calmly and tried to calm the man down. In doing so, he was spat on by the angry man but he still maintained his patience and did not hit back.

The brave man is Justin A. Farren who shared his side of the story on facebook. Despite his negative experience, he urged Singaporeans to give the aggressor some sympathy as he suspect he may be suffering from mental issues.

Respect this ang moh man for standing up against such injustice. We Singaporeans thank him wholeheartedly for his kind actions.

Justin shared:

“Hi. That was me in the video(wow I look fat). It doesn’t show her being pushed by the man or the very responsive security Guards doing their best to deescalate the situation.

We subdued him so he couldn’t leave without speaking to the police. I suspect he has some mental issues right now, so please give him some sympathy. That doesn’t excuse his physical and verbal abuse though.

The police were called, he was charged and hopefully he won’t do this again. It was my first true experience with racism towards me in Singapore. I have lived here almost five years and love it very much and am proud to call it home.

Things like this are rare in Singapore. Consider yourselves very lucky.”

A.S.S. Contributor

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