I am a resident living at Toa Payoh Central Blk 178. On the 07th February 2017, as I was walking past Blk 470, my usual route back home after work, it began to drizzle and i started to walked faster as i wasn’t carrying an umbrella.

Suddenly, my left foot hit into something and felt a sharp terrible pain on my left toes and i almost tripped and fell to the ground!! I squatted down holding dearly to my toes and looked back and saw what causes the pain, it was the grease trap covers which were damaged sometime around December 2016 (informed by my neighbor that HDB Hub staff were called up to do the repair work after he managed to lodged a feedback on the damaged cover), most of those covers were either sometime or curved!!

I don’t understand why there isn’t any DANGER sign barricades and why the repair work were not done after almost coming to 2 months!!Those people responsible for the repair should understand that those damaged grease trap posed a great danger to the public!! My greatest concern is whether will those damaged covers give way and collapsed as time goes by!!

Thanks and have a nice day ahead.

Henry Goh
A.S.S. Contributor

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