Dear A.S.S. Editor

Seems like human resources agencies and union representatives all come out in unison and said that the practice of incentivising staff who take fewer MCs is a normal practice in Singapore. Understand that this is all about perceptions, as the less MCs you take, this means that you are working hard all year round.

Some firms give workers with good attendance monetary rewards, and most review medical leave records during appraisals, which can affect bonuses. This will definitely weed out those who take MCs just for the sake of taking one, even when not really sick, because they are lazy to go to work on certain days. But what if you are really a sickly person, or someone who falls sick easily? You might be workign hard, or even harder than most on the days you are at work, but unfortunately, you fall sick easier, and thus, more MCs taken.

Will you then lose out on incentives and bonuses? There are pros and cons to incentives based on less MC, let’s hope that firms take a bigger picture approach to this.

Wee KK

A.S.S. Contributor

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