Saw an earlier post about a girl asking for a valentine. Well, as a girl myself I am already 30+ without a Valentine, so I dont see why you should worry. Rushing will give you more trouble on the other hand.

Firstly, most of the guys that approach me are either poor, ugly or short. All I ask for is a Fendi brand handbag, but none of these tards can even afford it.

Secondly, I am too used to dining in posh restaurants and I remember that there is one pathetic guy who had the audacity to invite me for a meal at a coffeeshop near his house. How dare he! That was one of the humilation that I wouldnt forget.

If I had to mention the cons, it would go a long way…. Anyway I hope you get my point of avoiding these despo guys.

As a CFO of some finance company, I have a long queue of suitors, with mostly lacking in quality, falling short of the standard that I have set. Sometimes I feel like the guys are the true gold diggers! Also dont come to me just because I am good looking, I will crunch you like a tigress!

Point is, you are still young and aim to be a true successful career oriented woman. Work towards it. Dont be desperate for guys as valentines because WE DONT NEED GUYS to SURVIVE! When you are truly successful, they will be at your disposal!

Yes, Valentine’s Day is next week but I dont give a damn because it just gonna be another day with a mass orgy of horny moths, lusting for my attention.

#superwoman #wedontneedguystosurvive

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