I was referring to the story of a divorcee moving into her first new home for CNY. Pls refer to the link — http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/moving-her-first-home-just-time-cny. She had been able to buy a BTO flat from HDB.

I have a true story to share. I am divorced with 2 kids in tow now staying at my parents 3 room flat. I was looking to buy a BTO flat from HDB as my previous matrimonial flat was being sold when I was divorced.I was successful in the balloting a BTO flat in May 2016 and was allocated a unit at Bidadari.I have paid $2000 option fee and was given floor plan and other details about the flat too. When HDB found out that I have shared care & custody of both kids with my ex-spouse , they insisted that I need to get her consent to allow me to buy a BTO flat.

As my divorce in 2011 was a bitter divorce,I told HDB that it was impossible to get a consent from her .I went to see my MP,Yacoob Ibrahim 3 times to seek an appeal and none was successful.Until which HDB sent me a letter on 31st October 2016 to inform me that they have cancelled my BTO flat application.I went to the National Development minister Mr Lawrence Wong & Mr Tan Chuan Jin for help.Mr Wong has agreed to try to get HDB to write a letter to my ex-spouse.I have emphasized to Mr Wong that it was not possible at all.Moreover, she has already bought herself a re-sale flat in late 2013 as she was cash rich with all the proceeds taken from the sale of the matrimonial flat.

After waited for about 2 weeks, I called HDB and they are still maintaining their stand that I am not allowed to buy a BTO flat due to the fact that I have shared care & custody.I questioned them when a divorce is a ugly one , how do you expect the other spouse to give u a consent to allow you to buy a BTO Flat. Moreover , the conditions set by HDB in the consent form is either party is not allowed to buy HDB properties in the future, that will leave both sides of divorced couples in a dilemma because they need each other consent .And no divorces couples will allow either parties to buy a BTO flat.

All I am asking for is some discretionary measures to allow me to buy aBTO flat. They told me to try to get a resale one. But re-sale flats are very expensive because of the up-front cash payment and renovation. I was very disappointed that MND cannot review their policies and they are not able to give me a fair judgement on a case by case basis.This is a very big loop hole in which they do not wish to review .They just wanted to portray a positive image to the public with their Pro-Family Policies and proudly announced that every SIngaporeans are allowed to buy 2 times for a BTO flat .

I felt that i am a second class citizen who was abandoned by the society because I fell into a minority group whom are divorced.Are u able to highlight my story for everyone to share ?

A.S.S. Contributor

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