Dear A.S.S. Editor

Please make this known to riders that Grab Singapore has failed to regulate their Grabhitch drivers from doing more than 2 rides per day according to LTA Road Traffic Act 2015.

Recently, Grab has been pushing out promo codes to passengers to ride their Grabhitch platform. Little known by passengers, GrabHitch drivers has been making use of this as an opportunity to make more than 2 rides per day and sometimes even having multiple bookings (x3 = 3 carpool trips) on 1 supposed carpool passenger trip, much like its sister service GrabShare only without the proper commercial insurance which risks passengers safety as majority of GrabHitch drivers are on personal vehicle insurance.

So what happens in an accident now if the passenger is the 3rd carpool ride of the day? Grab is not regulating this, even allowing drivers to continue searching for passengers after 2 car pool trips and/or during trips, risking passenger safety and LTA will have to step in as it is clearly a violation of ROAD TRAFFIC (CAR POOLS) (EXEMPTION) ORDER 2015.

Angry Hitcher

A.S.S. Contributor

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