Dear A.S.S. Editor

Please make this viral, I am sick and tired of the traffic jams during morning peak hours along Orchard and Shenton Way area, the reason being is that there are just too many buses there! They are occupying the whole left lanes and most of the high demand bus services just drop passengers off at the second lane! LTA should look into our bus routes thoroughly and withdraw duplicating bus services and also stop spamming or deploying too many buses on a particular route.

Let me give some examples, at Orchard, there is this bus service 972 that helps to alleviate the passenger load for service 190 from Bukit Panjang to Bencoolen via Orchard, service 972 should be withdrawn, not only it has lower demand now, but its route duplicates with downtown line, passengers from Bukit Panjang can almost take the downtown line for faster journey as compared to 972, LTA should also look into reducing the number of buses on service 190, it has nearly 60 buses in its fleet! That’s way too many! And often you see 5 to 6 190 buses bunching up in Orchard!

Secondly, I realised that bus stops along Orchard and Shenton Way area were also occupied with private bus services! There are way too many private buses serving as Scheme B, City Direct and Premium bus services! These services should be withdrawn! It’s route duplicates with regular bus services and MRT and passengers are paying way much higher fares than regular services.

LTA, please look into this and withdraw all the necessary bus services, I don’t see a need to have Service 972 and all the Scheme B, City Direct and Premium bus services, there way too many of such buses and causing havoc on the roads.


A.S.S. Contributor

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