I refer to PM Lee’s “condolence” letter written to the wife of the late Mr Fong Swee Suan. CNA

PM Lee’s “condolence” letter is not merely another attempt to rewrite history but also to slime a dead former political opponent. Many Singaporeans are shocked.

PM Lee holds the world record for the leader of a democratic country to have maligned dead political opponents, not once but twice. In 2008, he had written a similar “condolence” letter to the children of J B Jeyaretnam.

How would PM Lee have felt if opposition party leaders had done likewise after the passing of Lee Kuan Yew?

Partaking in such a disgusting act suggests vindictiveness, small mindedness and an extreme insecurity in the person. Is PM Lee a coward who fears his own shadow?

The entire 911-worded letter was mostly dedicated to propagating PAP propaganda, which is why CNA reproduced it.

Para 3 – Fong and his pro-communist colleagues arrested in 1956 after a series of strikes and riots.

Para 4 – LKY was the detainees’ lawyer and his kind-hearted wife, Kwa Geok Choo, brought along a pot of chicken curry and freshly baked bread on their visits to St john’s Island every three or four weeks. PM Lee tagged along in the police boat.

Para 5 – LKY strongly believed in CPM’s folly and spent hours to convince the detainees. The detainees subsequently signed a self-drafted document supporting the PAP before they were released.

Para 6 – Singapore attained self-government in 1959 and Lim and Fong were released from prison. However, LKY and his senior colleagues did not trust Lim Chin Siong and Devan Nair was the only trusted detainee.

Para 7 – Barisan Sosialis was formed due to disagreement with LKY on merger with Malaya. Lim and Fong left the PAP.

Para 8 – 70% supported PAP’s merger plans in a referendum. PAP won the 1963 GE with 37 out of 51 seats.

Para 9 – If PAP had lost to Lim and Fong, Singapore would have gone to the dogs.

Para 10 – LKY’s political opponents were “crooks and charlatans” but PAP members were “good men and women”.

Para 13 – PAP leaders led spartan lifestyles to emulate Fong and his colleagues who were extremely dedicated to their cause. However Fong, Lim and their colleagues were also ruthless, according to PM Lee.

Is former PAP MP Michael Lim leading a spartan lifestyle? Since 1970, which PAP MP has led a “spartan lifestyle”?

PM Lee praised Fong (and others) for their outstanding leadership in order to subsequently claim the PAP had not only managed to emulate them but better their political opponents.

No leader in a democratic country has ever written a “condolence” letter to slime a corpse twice. If this had happened in other democratic countries, there would have been a party revolt with most lawmakers immediately distancing themselves from party leadershit.

But this happens in our unique country where PM Lee has the blind support of all PAP MPs and elected opposition MPs and all senior civil servants prefer to play dumb.

Should PM Lee’s letter be brought to the attention of the foreign media, he will be looking like a fool. Are his supporters, including grassroots members, helping him by remaining silent?

Still can’t believe our aristocrat leader has just slimed another corpse. Would have been good propaganda material during the pre-internet age or LKY’s time. But today?

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