A netizen shared this shocking video with us, which shows a local Singaporean woman being slapped repeatedly and mocked for allegedly hugging one of her male friends at a club.

According to the netizen, the woman had been in an abusive relationship for some time with the man who constantly abused her physically and mentally. The video, as the netizen claims, is not the only incident when the abusive boyfriend had used violence against the woman.

When the woman finally could not bear the abuse any longer, she told friends and family. When some did not believe her, she filmed another one of the man’s violent outbursts and put it on her Facebook.

The shocking video shows the man screaming at his girlfriend and forcing her to “hug” him like she did with her friend at the club, before violently hitting her and sending her reeling backwards. Towards the end of the video, the woman tries to flee from the man. The man chases after her and even challenges bypassers to call the police, shouting, “You! Call the police!”

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