I am indeed very infuriated when young people in this day and age still link race and religion as the same thing. I am a native Chinese Muslim and by that I mean, my great-grand father was a Muslim when he migrated here from China and married a local Malay woman. Since then, we have always kept our surname and remained as Chinese and kept our faith. However, what irks me is the lack of understanding towards Chinese Muslims in Singapore and that the questions and comments I get are not very polite. I get comments like “Eh you marry Malay ah?!”, “How come you want to become Malay?”, “How come you don’t have Muslim name and why your name is still XYZ where it is 3 Chinese names?”, “So your Chinese New Year how? Cannot eat majority of the stuff right?”. “So next time you only can marry a Malay is it?”.

To counter all these, I will give you all some facts and misconceptions: Chinese receive the word of Islam FIRST long before the Malays. In fact, Islam was widely spread by Admiral Cheng Ho to the SEA region. The Arabs were not responsible for the fast spread, it was a Chinese man who did it. And yes, Malays were ab-originally Buddhist and Hindus. Surprised eh?

Who said that if you are a Muslim, you must change name? Look at the number of Chinese Muslims in China (not the Uigyurs), how many of them have names like Shafiq, Halim? You go and count, I can guarantee you that a large majority if not almost all they have names like XYZ, XY.

And yes on conversion. Religion is free will. In Islam, there is no such thing as you must convert to Islam if you marry someone who is Islam. This rule is set by SEA countries to maintain the faith and prevent dilution of faith (i may be wrong but that was what I was taught). For food wise, yes, I eat Halal food and I take a conscientious effort to do so. So yes people, do not make any nasty judgmental comments just because you all are the majority as there are people who seems to be the majority but are the minority”

A.S.S. Contributor

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