A 31 year-old staff nurse from the Philippines, Arey Lauren Loretizo Dela Cruz, was charged in court today with assaulting a taxi driver, Mr Tan Kok Peng, 59, after a drunken night out at Orchard Towers.

Dela Cruz had hailed Mr Tan’s taxi at 3.30AM at Orchard Towers to his home in Simei Street 2, Block 141. During the journey, Dela Cruz was so drunk he vomited in the back of the vehicle.

When they arrived in Simei, Dela Cruz found he only had $10 in his wallet. He told Mr Tan to follow him up to his unit on the 11th floor. Mr Tan did, and took a photograph of Dela Cruz just in case he decided to run away.

Offended by the gesture, Dela Cruz snatched the phone and punched the cabby on his left cheek. As Mr Tan recoiled and crouched in pain, Dela Cruz continued his relentless assault, punching the older man into submission.

When the lift door opened, Dela Cruz fled from the scene taking the stairs. Mr Tan went downstairs and a few bypassers helped to locate Dela Cruz. Police arrived and arrested him.

Dela Cruz was jailed for 5 weeks. He has made $1,338 to the victim.

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