Thought of the Day – Hypocrisy of PAP’s Minority Representation

PAP has tried very hard to justify its amendments to the Constitution with regards to the Elected Presidency. It has said that we should have “Minority” Representation for our Elected Presidency and thus, set up entry barriers to bar competition from other potential contenders.

However, the Elected Presidency is NOT about Minority Representation but a representation of National Interests in providing the necessary INDEPENDENT Institutional Checks and Balances to the Government of the Day in safeguarding our National Reserves!

Besides, I don’t see how the Speaker of the Parliament has better financial knowledge and expertise than a CFO or CEO of a small company, least a 100m or 500m company!

Such lame excuses are typical of PAP and it is actually quite frightening. The Hypocrisy of PAP is further exposed when they demolish the very fundamental excuse of Minority Representation by denying that there is a need for by-elections if the Minority MP in a GRC has resigned or dismissed from his or her position!

There is no single doubt that whatever PAP has done or is trying to do is all SELF-Serving and we must be very worried now because we should ask ourselves, why would PAP go all length to prevent REAL Checks and Balances to be installed?

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