Salute to our fellow Team Diversion comrade for assisting the RTA at AYE towards Town opposite Singapore Press Holding factory this morning, while on his way to work at Alexander Fire Station at around 0700hrs n not forgetting the abang riding the RXZ FQ4183T for assisting too.

Accident was caused by an unsecured rim tyre cover from a taxi that was flung towards the rider’s vehicle, stuck to his rim, jammed his back wheel of his bike and sent him to the ground and to make it worst was when his rib was crushed by the weight of his bike’s handle bar that landed on him.

Kind reminder to all the vehicles that uses the rim covers… For safety purposes, please ensure that your rim covers are secured fully (double secure it with cable ties) to avoid this kind of mishaps to reoccur.

It’s nice to see fellow road users assisting one another in such situation rather than slowing down and whipping out their gadgets taking video or picture of the accident and worst, hogging the road resulting in heavier traffic flow.

Speedy recovery to fellow rider and hats off to the humanity of the others who helped.

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