Dear A.S.S. Editor

I refer to the ongoing tussle between S’pore and M’sia over the Pedra Branca issue, in addition to S’pore’s mounting domestic problems over our severely declining economy and massive retrenchments.

We the people of S’pore, should seriously start preparing for the possibility of snap polls in early Jan 2019 and heed SDP’s call to closely examine the undue consequences of our GE 2015 votes which is causing us this much troubles we are facing now, with a clueless PAP navigating our country ahead after SCREWING up BIG TIME in international affairs!

What is also particularly worrying is that we have not 1 but 2 “Donald Trumps” in Cabinet, namely V. Bala and Shanmugam with schoolgirls’ temperament occupying positions of importance.

To quote Taiwan, we are only a “nose booger” country and should have stayed out of the games of the bigger boys as it is already proven what they think of us in the seized SAF Terrex incident and the current Pedra Branca matter that is being instigated by China to teach us a lesson for interfering in the South China Sea when we are not a party to the claims. China has since placed millions in the pockets of Malaysia who are collaborating with them to kill our ports and choke off our finances as they did in the past when they left us to dry after expelling us from the Malay Federation, if not for Israel’s
timely intervention to build our military and economy, we would really not have made it!

I can only hope S’pore will tap on our gem and cultural ambassador, Mr Tedd Joselson who is residing here to rebuild ties with the US government as well as the Israeli PM when he visits our country next weekend due to the uncanny peculiarities we share in our geographical locale.

Raoul B.

A.S.S. Contributor

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